Laws & Regulations
Notice on Implementing " Delegating powers,Enhancing regulation,Strengthening public services" to improve the business environment and further enhance the convenience of housing provident fund business

District management departments, entrusted bank outlets, payment and deposit units and payment and deposit employees:  

  In order to thoroughly implement the work requirements of the State Council, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on the implementation of "Delegating powers,Enhancing regulation,Strengthening public services" and improving the business environment, and to further enhance the convenience of housing provident fund business, to facilitate the payment and deposit units and employees, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  1. Newly added electronic business license as a certification method for enterprises to handle provident fund business

  When an enterprise applies for the establishment, deposit, and personnel change of the unit’s housing provident fund account through the Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Online Business Processing System, it can use the original provident fund certificate and the legal person’s one-pass login to operate the online business processing system. You can use the electronic business license login system to handle online provident fund business to meet the housing provident fund needs of different units.

  2. The unit handles the establishment of individual housing provident fund accounts for re-recruiting employees and is included in the service platform of "One Window for Starting Enterprises"

  When enterprises register, they can simultaneously set up unit housing provident fund accounts through the "One Window" online service platform (http:// for establishing enterprises in Shanghai, and can set up individual housing provident fund accounts for employees. If the company recruits employees again, it can still go through the procedures for setting up individual housing provident fund accounts through the "One Window" service platform, which will further improve the efficiency of business operations.

  3. Newly-added housing provident fund base adjustment methods and channels

  The adjustment of the housing provident fund base is based on online adjustments. During the base adjustment period, each unit can log in to the base adjustment column of the Shanghai Provident Fund website ( Units with less than 20 people without supplementary housing provident fund accounts can also log in to the base adjustment column through their mobile phones.

  4. Realize the exemption of housing provident fund business materials by calling electronic certificates

  When enterprises and employees handle the housing provident fund business, they can use the "scan code to show the certificate", that is, to submit the electronic certificate to realize the "exemption from submission" of the certificate and license materials issued by the municipal government department. By sharing data from relevant departments, the applicant's relevant information can be verified, which will further facilitate the handling of housing provident fund business.

  5. Withdrawal of housing provident fund for retired workers is included in the “one thing” of enterprise employee retirement

  The “one thing” function for enterprise employees’ retirement has been officially released on the “Government online-offline Shanghai” portal. Through the retirement "one thing" function, you can apply for basic pension, basic medical insurance and retirement benefits, receive one-time family planning rewards for the elderly, withdraw the housing provident fund, and participate in the retirement hospital protection plan. Realize "one thing, zero runs, one time online".

  6. Access to the "Government online-offline Shanghai" for individual housing provident fund business

  Personal housing provident fund services such as lease withdrawal, withdrawal from retirement, withdrawal from most or complete bereavement, withdrawal at the expiration of voluntary deposit and other personal housing provident fund services are connected to the main portal of " Government online-offline Shanghai ", and employees use the “Government online-offline Shanghai " PC terminal or  mobile terminal both can be handled, further enhancing the convenience of the masses. At the same time, the business of issuing certificates of payment and deposit usage of loans in other places is connected to the "Government online-offline Yangtze River Delta”, and the business processing process is further optimized through mutual recognition of information on certificates of loans in different places in the Yangtze River Delta.



Shanghai Provident Fund Management Center

December 31, 2020